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Good Taste 

Short Film 剧情短片

12 mins | Horror 

Year 年份


Location 拍摄地

New York City, U.S.A

Country of Origin 制片国家

United States, South Korea

Language 语言


Links 链接

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An Asian woman goes home with an attractive white couple and discovers they have very dark tastes...

Writer & Director: Seonjae Kim 

Producers: Joyce Yueyi Xing, Seonjae Kim

Director of Photography: Alejandro Salinas-Albrecht

Production Designer: Cat Raynor

Editor: Christina Yoon

Sound by: Luigi Porto 

Music by: Glitter Priest

Cast: Kahyun Kim, Jacqueline Frances, Ben Chase 


38th Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival

17th Sioux City International Film Festival

22nd Vortex Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Horror Film Festival

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