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My AI Lover | 我的 AI 恋人

Short Film 纪录短片

16 mins |  Documentary

Year 年份


Location 拍摄地


Country of Origin 制片国家

Australia, China

Language 语言

English, Chinese

Subtitle in English or English and Chinese

Three Chinese ladies developed romantic relationships with their artificially intelligent virtual partners in real life.

Director: Chouwa Liang
Producer: Andy Huang, 
Joyce Yueyi Xing

Cinematographer: Liang Zhou, Yusen Zhuang

Editor: Danfeng Zhang. Chouwa Liang

Sound Mix: Neil McGrath

Composer: Songhao Shi

Supported by: Harry Hains Memorial Film Bursary


38th Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival

17th Doc Edge Festival

26th Rhode Island International Film Festival

29th Women Make Waves International Film Festival

17th Show Me Shorts Film Festiva

My AI lover Poster_1_ver4-s.jpg
POSTER 2_ver5.jpg
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